Thinking Outside the Inbox


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“Roger is a lighthouse, in thick fog, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse”

Richard Watson, author, Digital Vs Human

This book is about thinking; it’s about thinking differently; and it’s about the things we ought to be thinking about. It’s also about our feelings and our intuitions.

Ultimately, it’s about who we are, how we live and work together, and how we confront the challenges we ourselves are creating.

My work as The Corporate Philosopher began when business leaders asked me to help them and their colleagues to think about, debate and decide the right thing to do. It was about ethics. So some of the blogs focus on our moral character, our purpose, on leadership and on culture.

More recently, I have helped people understand systems thinking, which helps us not only understand every part of a system, but the relationships between these parts. For example, systems thinking helps us to understand the relationship between vehicle pollution, respiratory disease and climate change. It also helps us to understand how our behaviour can change when we are at home and when we are at work, because our personal relationships change. We become part of different but connected human systems.

Most recently, I’ve become fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for both good and evil. The ability of an AI system to scan for cancerous tumours more accurately than an experienced oncologist feels good. But using AI to hook us on social media and the mental health issues it can trigger, feels very wrong to me.

This book is neither a beginning nor an end. It’s part of an ongoing train of thought and debate with people like you who want to be Thinking outside the inbox. Thank you for reading this book and do let me know what you think on my LinkedIn.

In stock



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